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War on Gaza
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War on Gaza
Day 21 - Jan 16, 2009
Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza: At least 1180 Palestinians killed and 5200 wounded.
Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza
Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza: At least 1180 Palestinians killed and 5200 wounded.
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Aftermath of attacks on Tal El Hawa district - 16 Jan 09

The Tal El Hawa neighbourhood has been the scene of particularly heavy fighting. Red Crescent facilities, a hospital and residential apartment blocks were among the buildings hit by the Israeli bombardment. Al Jazeera's correspondent Sherine Tadros has been to see the aftermath and has found yet more evidence of Israel's apparent use of white phosphorus - a weapon that is illegal to use in civilian areas.  

Daily Feed About Gaza War: Day 21 of Israeli War On Gaza
Sameh A. Habeeb, B.A.

  1. Israeli air strike bombed a wedding hall in Rafah City.
  2. Air strike hit the Khan Yonis Police station, no people wounded!
  3. Israeli tanks invading Tal Al Hawa, western Gaza City, retreated to the mid areas.
  4. Child Esa Ermilat, 14, killed and 6 children wounded in Rafah due to an Isaeli artillery shells.
  5. Four Palestinian children wounded in Dair Al Balah City.
  6. A child killed in artillery shelling near Jablaia town, northern Gaza Strip.
  7. Bombs destroyed al Qouqa' mosque eastern Gaza City.
  8. Three Palestinian fighters killed in Israeli air raid northern Gaza Strip.
  9. Two Palestinian figjters killed western sourthern Gaza, Tal Al Hawa, in Israeli air raid.
  10. Israeli army destroyed many houses in Farta area, Bait Hanon, northern Gaza.
  11. Two Palestinians killed mid of Gaza city.
  12. Spardoic artillery shells eastern Gaza City.
  13. A press conference for Arab and International doctors in Gaza confirmed that Israeli is using prohibited weapons in Gaza.
  14. Massive devastation in Tal Al hawa area western southern Gaza City. Hospitals, offices and charities beside houses destroyed yesterday.
  15. Israeli tanks opened its heavy gunmachine fire into the houses of people eastern Gaza City.
  16. Israeli shelling targeted the northern areas of Gaza and no wounded reported.
  17. A mother from al Batran family and five from her children killed, several wounded in Israeli strike central Gaza Strip.
  18. Fire still ongoing in the UN stores in Gaza.
  19. Severe shortages in medical stuff at Al Shifa' hospital.
  20. Around 300 wounded still in critical condtions.
  21. Israeli air raids on Rafah, tunnels area.
  22. Heavy bombings echoed in the first evening hours in Gaza.
  23. Water still hardly accessible for Gaza residents.
  24. Humantarian needs still unaviable and monitors said that Gaza needs thousands of food trucks and permanent opened crossings to bridge the recent Gap.
  25. Artillary shells rained down in southern Gaza Strip.
  26. Medical sources: Around 25 Palestinian bodies were found dead in Tal al Hawa by Israeli fire yesterday.
  27. Residents of Tal Al Hawa flee their houses despite Israeli tanks dropped out for 2 kilo meters.
  28. Many anbulances were found destroyed today in Tal Al Hawa area.
  29. Clashes arise again in east and north of Gaza.
  30. Bombings from the gunboats targeted mid and western areas of Gaza.
  31. Drones still hover excessively over Gaza.
  32. Palestinian fighters launched some projectiles in Israeli leaving 5 people wounded and in Trauma.
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