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War on Gaza
Day 08 - Jan 03, 2009
Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza: At least 450 Palestinians killed and 2350 wounded.
Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza
Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza: At least 450 Palestinians killed and 2350 wounded.
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Israeli bombardment of Gaza enters second week - 03 Dec 09

Another senior commander of Hamas miltary wing has been killed in the Gaza strip as Israel's bombardment enters its second week.

The Israeli military says it's carried out more than seven hundred strikes on the territory since the war began. The Palestinian death toll has climbed to 437.

Mohamed Vall has the latest developments.

Demonstrations in Toronto against Israel's Gaza attack- Jan 03, 09- Part 1 of 2 
Demonstrations in Toronto against Israel's Gaza attack - Jan 03,09 - Part 2 of 2 

Daily Feed About Gaza War: Day 08 of Israeli War On Gaza
Sameh A. Habeeb, B.A.

  1. Israeli naval forces open heavy artilary fire on west of Al Nusairat refugee Camp. Several house were fired in the attack took place early in the morning.
  2. Israeli naval vessels reach off Gaza shore firing the densely populated areas, houses, buildings leaving some Palestinians wounded.
  3. A 20-year-old guy killed by Israeli rockers in an Israeli air raid destroyed the International American School in Bait Lahia town, north of Gaza Strip. The victim is one of the school staff.
  4. Air raid targeted the Central Market of Gaza cars near Al zaytoun quarter east of Gaza City.
  5. Several rockets fired at agricultural and farming fields near Al Buarij Refugee Camp mid of Gaza Strip. The bombings resulted in the killing of one farmer and injuring several others.
  6. Two Palestinians killed at the Egyptian hospitals due to their injures in Israeli air raids in Gaza.
  7. A playground hit by Israeli rockets in Al shija'ya densely populated quarter.
  8. Israeli artillery shells target the eastern agricultural and farming fields in Gaza City.
  9. Eight peoples injured due to bombings targeted Hils family east of Gaza City. The wounded all civilians between women and children.
  10. Several deadly raids at Khan younis city targeting the civil defense forces.
  11. Israeli army uses new kind of rockets leave bad smell in the targeted area. A number of heavy bombings land on several targets in Abasan Al Kabira.
  12. More bombings hit Bait Hanon town targeting agricultural and farming fields. The rockets landed in Al Basha farms.
  13. Many rockets targeted some agricultural fields near Khoza'a town in Kahn Yonis City mid of the occupied Gaza Strip.
  14. A number of wounded people resulted from air raids near oil stations in Khan Younis City.
  15. More targets attacked in Al Sudania area north of Gaza City.
  16. Heavy and deadly rockets of F16s strike stores of construction materials in Jabalia City. The strike caused clouds of smoke never seen before in Gaza.
  17. Shocking bombs strike more agricultural fields in Al Atatra family north of Gaza Strip.
  18. Two Palestinians killed due to an Israeli air strike hit their car in Khan Yonis City mid of Gaza Strip.
  19. Rockets fired from Israeli airforce destroyed to rubbles a house in AL Nusairat Refugee Camp.
  20. New deadly Bombings caused holes amounted of 20 meters in the ground. A house for Al Sirhi family was totally damaged and fade away underground.
  21. Thirteen heavy artillery shells landed at Bait Hanon, east of Gaza and other areas around. This vows of start of military operation on ground. The bombings of these shells is ongoing till now.
  22. Shells hit some targets around Al Khozndar gas station.
  23. Air strike on Slah el din key street mid of Gaza Strip. The bombings destroyed parts of the street causing deep holes on the ground hindering the movement of cars from and into Gaza.
  24. Drone planes strike At Dar Al Arqam school east of Gaza City.
  25. Rockets strike more farming fields in Absan area in Khan Yonis City.
  26. Ten Artillary shells fall in Al Buraij Camp within mintues.
  27. Israeli air strike at fields near Sofa crossings south of Gaza Strip, city of Rafah.
  28. One injured due to a bomb west of Gaza City.
  29. Airforce raided on Al Hawooz tank of Water for 3 times.
  30. Three people injured in Al Zaytoun area. The rockets are also falling down in farming fields and water tanks. A massive devastation
  31. Bombings at Al Shoka town and more rockets hit the Gaza airport again.
  32. Around 20 rockets fired into Israeli by Palestinian militants.
  33. Israel is using submarines for the first time. A sea landing is expected due to the heavy engagement of naval forces.
  34. Hundreds of artillery shells fired with the start of evening through all Gaza Strip in the north, middle and south.
  35. Ground to Ground rockets fired into the northern areas of Gaza.
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