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War on Gaza
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War on Gaza
Day 04 - Dec 30, 2008
Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza: At least 360 Palestinians killed and 1800 wounded.
Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza
Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza: At least 360 Palestinians killed and 1800 wounded.
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More civilian casualties in Gaza amid raids - 30 Dec 08

Israel's unrelenting assault on Gaza is continuing. Two young sisters were among those killed overnight, as the death toll passed 360.

Palestinian rockets have been raining down on southern Israel. Those attacks have claimed four lives.

Roza Ibragimova has the latest developments.

Nowhere to run for those trapped in Gaza - 30 Dec 08

Palestinian families are wondering whether they will become the next target after four days of Israeli air raids on the Gaza Strip. As Sherine Tadros reports, there are few places to hide, and civilian casualties continue to rise.

Daily Feed About Gaza War: Day 04 of Israeli War On Gaza
Sameh A. Habeeb, B.A.

  1. Casualties of Israeli heavy bombings reached 360 while wounded rise up to 1800 persons, a big number of them civilians. Around 200 in critical conditions and they are exposed to slow death due to lack of medicines.
  2. Israel started the day with 20 heavy missiles of F16s. The bombardments targeted governmental offices and damaged some houses nearby. The sound of bombings echoed in all Gaza city resulting in a panic status and trauma for children.
  3. Two siblings aged 4 and 11 years killed in Israeli air raid north of Gaza town of Bait Lahia.
  4. Many houses shelled in the early morning in the North of Gaza. Victims of the north area are 60 alone.
  5. Neither fuel, nor gasoline nor Benzin in Gaza. Power cuts up to 21 hours.
  6. Israeli navy fired on the dignity boat and hurting it. The boat was to deown and now it has gone to Lebanon ports. The boat was loaded with 3 tons of Medical aids needed to Gaza hospitals.
  7. Medical sector collapsed in Gaza. Doctors request medical airplane to evacuate wounded people who are slowly dying. Only 10 wounded left to Egypt due to lack of Ambulances equipped with ICU.
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War on Gaza | Day 04 - Dec 30, 2008