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War on Gaza
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War on Gaza
Day 13 - Jan 08, 2009
Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza: At least 770 Palestinians killed and 3200 wounded.
Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza
Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza: At least 770 Palestinians killed and 3200 wounded.
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Israeli war on Gaza continues after second lull - 08 Jan 09

The toll in Israel's War on Gaza now stands at 763 Palestinians dead and well over three thousand wounded. And the military onslaught is heading into a second week of bombardment with even less relief for the territory's residents.

Imran Khan looks at events on the 13th day of Israel's war on Gaza.

Rafah Razed

This video was shot on Thursday, January 8, 2009 in Rafah, in southern Gaza. The Israeli bombing campaign has been severe and targeted mainly at civilian areas, leaving scores of people homeless. The translation was done by the Guardian.

Daily Feed About Gaza War: Day 13 of Israeli War On Gaza
Sameh A. Habeeb, B.A.

  1. Israeli tanks move towards Abu Sha’er area, near Kosopheme area mid of Gaza Strip.
  2. An Israeli air raid in an open area in Gaza.
  3. An air raid targeting the house of Mr.Sameeh El nady Middle area.
  4. Shelling Deir El Balah police station.
  5. An air strike targeting El Moghrarby Municipality.
  6. Bombarding the house of zakout family (Al Aqsa Brigades) Beit lahia.
  7. Destroying a five-storey building belonging to Mr.Merwan Akeel in Leit lahia.
  8. Air raid on the central police station which was hit on the first day of this war.
  9. Destroying a five-storey building belonging to Hawari family in El Zaitoun neighborhood .
  10. Tank Shelling of Abu Haduf area in Qarara, north of khanyounis.
  11. Destroying a house belonging to Bawadi family in Jabalia.
  12. Destroying a house belonging to Mr. Adnan Abu Shmaisa El Sawarha area middle area.
  13. Targeting with six rockets the police station in Bani Sohaila, south of khanyounis.
  14. Destroying the house of Mr.Mohammad El Sinwar(Qasam) Al Amal neighborhood in Khanyounis.
  15. launching six rockets on the border area.
  16. Targeting a house in Al Joneinah neighbourhood in Rafah.
  17. Partial destroying of El Sakhra, shopping area in Gaza.
  18. Destroying a house belonging to Jondia family in shojae’a-Gaza.
  19. Destroying a house belonging to Al Jabri family in shojae’a.
  20. Shelling a house belonging to Shamia family in Jabalia-Refugee camp.
  21. Bombarding a house in Rafah-near the East cemetery.
  22. An air raid on two houses belonging to Joma and Fayez El Rahal in BaitLahia (four casualties)
  23. Targeting two women with a missile south of Qarara.
  24. Air raid on a house belonging to Abu Abeer, a key leader for Popular Resistance Committees in Al sahaba street.
  25. Bombardment of Adnan Shaw’s house seven casualties one child dead immediately.
  26. Artillery shelling south Jabalia.
  27. An air attack on a house in Jabalia.
  28. Shooting at two vans belonging to UNRWA one injured and one dead.
  29. Targeting a car by three missiles-Al Nafak street Gaza.
  30. Four Jehad A ctivities killed north of Gaza.
  31. Killing an Israeli soldier and injuring other 13 in clashes with resistance men.
  32. Besieging a house belonging to Abu Ghanima family in which several family members were injured.
  33. An air raid on a house in Gaza-Daraj neighborhood.
  34. Preventing a ambulance and paramedics from getting the dead bodies of the people killed north of Gaza.
  35. Targeting 97 houses in Rafah.The inhabitants fled to UNRWA schools.
  36. Shelling Al Nour Al Mohamad mosque, a two storey building in Al Sheikh Redwan neighborhood.
  37. Air raids on orchards and farms belonging to Al Wehaidi and Al Sorani families.
  38. Preventing ambulance men to rescue injured people in Al Zaitoun Quarter east sout of Gaza City.
  39. Clashes between résistance men and the Israeli army around kosopheme crossing for 14 hours.
  40. An Israeli vehicle was destroyed by Palestinian fighters and one Israeli solider killed.
  41. Targeting a group of unarmed citizen in Khanyounis.
  42. Destroying a house belonging to Abu kwaik in Al Zaitoun neighborhood.
  43. An air raid in meraj street near Raffah Municipalities-many causalities are reported .
  44. Destroying two houses in Rafah belonging to keshta family.
  45. Killing the citizen, Jehad Kawareh in Khanyounis.
  46. The death of a physician’s wife and son in El Shuef area-south Gaza.
  47. Intensive artillery shelling targeting El Sha’ef area east of Gaza City.
  48. Shelling the houses of civilians at Al Zahra quarter by phosphorus bombs.
  49. Destroying a house belonging to Mr.Nour Baraka in Bani Sohaila Abassan.
  50. UNRWA suspends its services as Israel kills one of its staff.
  51. Bombings several targets east of Gaza City.
  52. Palestinian paramedics and ambulances get Israeli fire.
  53. Water is hardly accesses for hundreds of thousands in northern areas and Gaza City.
  54. Bread is no longer available and only 5 bakeries work out of 47.
  55. Palestinian paramedics found 50 dead bodies in many destroyed houses and open places. Thus, victims' number up to 770 persons.
  56. Palestinian fighters launch around 20 rockets into Israeli civilians.
  57. Gaza still plunges into deep darkness.
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War on Gaza | Day 13 - Jan 08, 2009