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War on Gaza
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War on Gaza
Day 17 - Jan 12, 2009
Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza: At least 920 Palestinians killed and 4200 wounded.
Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza
Israeli Air Strikes on Gaza: At least 920 Palestinians killed and 4200 wounded.
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Intense clashes erupt in Gaza City - 12 Jan 09

Fierce clashes have erupted in densely-populated areas of east Tuffah and Jabaliya in the Gaza Strip and on the outskirts of Gaza City as the offensive entered its 17th day.

Al Jazeera's Ayman Mohyeldin reports on the public who are struggling to cope under the bombardment in Gaza.

Daily Feed About Gaza War: Day 17 of Israeli War On Gaza
Sameh A. Habeeb, B.A.

  1. Air raids on all points where the military ground operation in the first hour of the day 16.
  2. Heavy clashes in east and north of Gaza Strip. The clashes left many people dead,7, and several injured while many houses destroyed.
  3. Intesnive air raids on the borders with Egypt destroyed tunnels and many houses were affected.
  4. Palestinian fighters fire Mortar rockets on Israeli tanks.
  5. A Palestinian killed in Bait Lahia City and many other injured.
  6. Four Palestinians killed in north of Gaza due to heavy shelling.
  7. Israeli army destroyed many houses for Kdaih family near the borders in Rafah City.
  8. Israeli army bulldozed many houses near Khoza'a area in Khan Yonis.
  9. A fire set in Al Zafer Building which includes around 30 flats in Gaza City. The fire happened due to fired rockets form Appachi.
  10. Four people wounded in Israeli shelling in Al Zayotun area. Many houses were partially and some others totally damaged.
  11. A rocket hit house of Dr. Nazik Al Kafarna in Bait Hanon city, north of Gaza.
  12. Two Palestinians killed in fighting near Zaytoun area.
  13. Shelling targeted many houses near Zimo crossroads, resulted in totally damage in the place.
  14. Local Radios: Israeli army force Palestinian men to get naked and unleash dogs on women and Children in Khan Yonis area.
  15. Two Palestinians killed as3 Israeli rockets hit them central Gaza City. Twelve others wounded in the shelling.
  16. Bombings targeted Al Burham street in Zayotun area south east of Gaza.
  17. Rockets targeted a military post for Hamas fighters in Khan Yonis City mid of Gaza Strip.
  18. A Palestinian, Ala' Mansour, killed as Israeli rocket hit his car in Jabalia. More than 20 people wounded mostly children who were playing in the place.
  19. Israeli tanks advanced in Atatra area, Bait lahia, under heavy fire from the tanks.
  20. More fighting erupted between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian fighters in east south of Gaza.
  21. Five children wounded north of Gaza as a rocket hit Saftawi area.
  22. Bombings hit farm for Abu Zayda area northern Gaza Strip.
  23. Heavy shelling in north of Jabalia town resulted in the injury of several civilians.
  24. A paramedic killed in north of Gaza due to F16 rocket hit Hamoda building in north of Gaza. Another civilian killed and many wounded.
  25. A car hit mid of Gaza's main park, many people wounded in the place.
  26. Ayat Al Bana, 18, killed as rockets hit her house in north of Gaza.
  27. Five civilians killed including two women and a child killed between them Amal Muhammad Al-Madhoun, and a man named Shaiboub Shambali from Beit Hanoun.
  28. A rocket hit Al-Jaorn neighborhood of Jabaliya. House of Al-Amoudi from the Ayman Juda faction of Fatah’s Al-Aqsa Brigades destroyed.
  29. Maan: Missiles hit an Al-Masri home in Beit Lahiya as well as the Organization for the injured and Handicapped in the Sheikh Zaid area.
  30. More than 35 Palestinians killed today, some from the fighters but mostly all of them are civilians.
  31. F16 rockets hit house of Masri family resulted in a total damage for the house. Three Palestinians from the family were wounded in the clashes.
  32. Saeed Al Omari,33, died due to his injury in Al Fakhora UNRWA school. The school witnessed a massacre a week ago that left 50 dead from civilians.
  33. Drones' rocket targeted house of Al Aqail in Jabalia resulted in partial damage in his house.
  34. F16s rockets hit house of Mahmoud Abu Matar in Bait Lahia. The house was burnt and destroyed totally.
  35. Israeli tanks shelled office of Interior ministry. One civilian wounded and the office was totally damaged.
  36. Bombings target house of Taha in north of Gaza, Twam area. The bombings killed afaf Jum'a and three children wounded from her children.
  37. Medical sources found the dead body of child Abd Al Rahman ghaban who was killed by a drone yesterday.
  38. Tasneem Al Rafati killed due to a rocket hit her house yesterday in Jbalia town.
  39. A Palestinian killed in Jabalia town as a rocket from an Israeli drone hit him. The killed person still not known.
  40. Two civilians killed, Jabar Habeeb and Muhammad Jamal Muhamdain killed in east of Gaza.
  41. Two Palestinian fighters killed in Shijaya area as an artillery shell hot them.
  42. Two Palestinian fighters killed in Zaytoun area during heavy clashes with Israeli soldiers.
  43. Medical Sources: Child Jehad Daloul killed due to late wounds he got.
  44. Muhammad Al Hadad,19, killed in Al Zaytoun quarter due to a shell fired by Israeli tanks.
  45. Thousands of Palestinians left their house in east of Khan yonis due to Israeli bombings.
  46. Massive fire erupted in many house in Rafah as Israeli F1s6 destroyed some tunnels.
  47. Israeli artillery shells destroyed house of Weshah family in Nusairat Refugee Camp.
  48. Naval gunboats fired many houses off Gaza shore near the Sudanya and Nusairat areas.
  49. Five Israeli soldiers wounded in the clashes with Palestinian fighters.
  50. Al Jazeera: Around 20 Palestinian rockets fired at Israeli settlements.
  51. A house for Al Ghoul family bombed in Al Moghraqa area as Israeli air force raided on the place.
  52. A house destroyed in Al Maghazi Refugee Camp.
  53. More than 52 Egyptian Ambulances arrived to Gaza to transfer some wounded people into outside hospitals.
  54. Fighting goes on again, east of Gaza. Israeli air force engages in the operation at the moment early in the evening of Monday.
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