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Deir Al-Balah
Our People's Land
Israeli Occupation of the Palestinian Territory
Deir al-Balah, Gaza Strip, Palestine
My father left the key to me and I will leave it for my son, we will never ever forget our house, we are still waiting for the implementation of the UN resolution 194 and to return to our homeland.
Israeli Occupation of the Palestinian Territory
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Deir El Balah Governorate:

Where is Deir Al-Balah Located?

This Governorate includes Deir El Balah, Nuseirat, Maghazi, and Al Bureij. The appellation is ascribed to the city of Deir El Balah, which is the administration center for the middle area of Gaza Strip. It includes all the afore-mentioned camps which were erected to shelter the Palestinian refugees whom Israel expelled out of their cities and villages during 1948 war.

Originally, Deir El Balah appellation was ascribed to the erection of the first monastery in Palestine on its lands by the priest (Hilaryos) who was buried in the eastern quarter of the city. It was called “Balah” due to the abundance of palm trees surrounding it. Anciently, it was known with the name (Daroom), which is a Samitic name meaning “the south”. Gaza southern entrance is still called “the Daroom Gate”.


It is in the south of Gaza city. Its appellation was ascribed to one of the sons of Al Shaikh Ahmed Al Ansari called “Nasser”. They were from Al Anssar of the Kahtans from the tribes who stayed in this country before the Islamic conquest.


It is in the south of Gaza City. This appellation was ascribed to the militant called Al Moghaz who had a tomb under a nabk tree near a pole made of marble.


Deir El Balah lies in the south west of Gaza City. It is 16 Kms far from Gaza and 10 Kms far from Khanyounis to the northwest. The city has architectural rectangular shape extending from the northeast to the southwest. There are two main streets; Along both sides, there are plenty of commercial stores and schools of different stages.

The lands of Deir El Balah are sandy where some crops, vegetables, and fruits are planted. They depend on rainfall and wells water. Palm trees cover the largest of its land areas.

The Israeli occupied authorities had erected several Zionist settlements near Deir El Balah including, Kfar Daroom, Ghosh Gatif, and other evil famed settlements.

Nuseirat Refugee Camp
Bureij Refugee Camp
Maghazi Refugee Camp
Deir El Balah Refugee Camp

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Added: May 2006
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Deir Al-Balah