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Marwan Al Barghouthi
Kobar-Ramallah, Palestine
 (1959-    )
Marwan Barghouthi - Born on 6 June 1959 in Kobar, near Ramallah; joined Fateh at age of 15; among the founders of the Shabiba in the West Bank in the mid-1970s.
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Marwan Al Barghouthi

Born on 6 June 1959 in Kobar, near Ramallah; joined Fateh at the age of 15; among the founders of the Shabiba (Fateh Youth) in the West Bank in the mid-1970s; from 1978, spent 4½ years in Israeli prisons after being charged with membership in then “banned” Fateh;

Studied at Birzeit University from 1983; head of shabiba while president of the student council at Birzeit University in the early 1980s; graduated (BA) in history and political science in 1994; was arrested in Sept. 1985, placed under admin. detention for six months and deported by Israel in May 1987 to Jordan; played a role in organizing various political aspects of the first Intifada from his Amman exile; became elected member of the Fateh Revolutionary Council in Aug. 1989; acted as liaison officer between the outside PLO and inside Fateh; independent member of the PLO Central Council;

Allowed to return to the West Bank in April 1994; initial supporter of the Oslo process; became Sec.-Gen. of the Fateh Higher Committee in the West Bank; won a Ramallah PLC seat as an independent in the Jan. 1996 elections; continued his studies at Birzeit, receiving an MA in international relations in 1998; critical of centralization of power under Arafat;

Submitted motion of no-confidence in the executive in the PLC in May 1997 budgetary misuse affair; became increasingly critical of Oslo, especially in face of Israel’s ongoing settlement policy; led massive demonstrations refocusing national attention on the basic objective of ending the occupation; has become the major local leader in the second Intifada (since Sept. 2000), organizing resistance in the belief that peace cannot be achieved with occupation; survived an Israeli assassination attempt in Aug. 2001;

Was arrested by the Israeli army in Ramallah on 15 April 2002 and is illegally detained since then; on 6 June 2004 sentenced to five successive life imprisonments plus 40 years for being involved with Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades; following the passing away of Pres. Yasser Arafat, decided to run as a candidate in the PA elections, challenging an earlier Fateh agreement to nominate former PM Mahmoud Abbas as Fateh representative (a move that was denounced by the Fateh Central Committee but welcomed among certain Fateh youth members), but withdrew his candidacy on 12 Dec. 2004.

Source: Passia Org.
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Added: May 2006
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Marwan Barghouthi