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Mohammed Yousef Al-Najjar (Abu Yousef)
Rafah R. C. / Yibna, Ramla, Palestine
Mohammed Yousef Al-Najjar - Chair of the Higher Political Committee for Palestinian Affairs in Lebanon, was assassinated by Israeli forces in Beirut, April 1973
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Mohammed Yousef Al-Najjar

Born in Yibna in 1929; completed his secondary education at Al-Ibrahimiyyeh School in Jerusalem; became a refugee in 1948, fleeing to Gaza (Rafah camp); worked as a teacher in the camp until 1956; joint the Muslim Brotherhood from 1951-58; was arrested by Egypt in early 1954 for participating in demonstrations for a Palestinian army; was imprisoned in March 1955 for two years for protesting Egyptian resettlement of Palestinian refugees in the North Sinai; GUPS member; in 1957, left Gaza by ship and went to Syria, then Amman, and Qatar, where he worked in the Educational Dept.; left the Muslim Brotherhood and helped set up Fateh in the late 1950s; had an active role in setting up organizations similar to Fateh in Saudi Arabia and Qatar; worked as a school teacher; was a member of the Fateh Central Committee from its creation until his death; was also elected member of the PLO Exec. Committee at the 5 th PNC (1-4 Feb. 1969); leader and operational head of the Black September Organization (operated 1970-74); elected Chairman of the Lebanese-Palestinian Committee (which was formed in 1973 to negotiate an end to the clashes between PLO and Lebanese forces in Lebanon); became head of Fateh’s new security apparatus in Sept. 1971, and coordinated Al-‘Assifa (Fateh’s military arm); became head of the PLO’s Political Dept. in Jan. 1973; headed the Palestinian delegation to the Fourth Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers meeting in Benghazi, Libya, on 24-26 March 1973; became chair of the Higher Political Committee for Palestinian Affairs in Lebanon; was assassinated - together with his wife and Fateh leaders Kamal Adwan and Kamal Nasser - by Israeli forces in Beirut on 10 April 1973.

Source: Passia Org.
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Mohammed Yousef Al-Najjar (Abu Yousef)