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Birzeit University - A Palestinian university located in Birzeit near Ramallah, West Bank. BZU has played a significant role in the Palestinian political dialogue.
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Birzeit University

Birzeit University (BZU) is a Palestinian university located in Birzeit near Ramallah, West Bank. BZU is among the foremost tertiary educational institutes in the Palestinian territories and has played a significant role in the Palestinian political dialogue.

Birzeit University is the first institution of higher education to be established in Palestine. It provides students with the opportunity to realize their academic aspirations and encourages them to be productive citizens and active members of their community.

The University plays a central role in developing the most valuable national resource in society - namely, our people. New graduate and undergraduate programs in information technology, engineering, sciences, social policy, economics, and management are being developed to assist in meeting this objective. The University campus is being expanded so that it can meet the growing needs of higher education in Palestinian society, and its various institutes and centers conduct intensive policy-oriented research to assist in the economic, social, and human development of Palestine.

The University offers undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degrees through its eight faculties: Arts, Commerce and Economics, Engineering, Sciences, Law and Public Administration, Information Technology, Nursing and Allied Health Professions, and Graduate Studies.

In addition to its academic programs, the University has institutes, centers, and programs that are designed to develop and support the community-oriented programs that contribute to the achievement of sustainable development in Palestine.

Support for the University comes from numerous Palestinian, Arab, and international institutions, foundations, and individuals. Such support has enabled the University to continue to grow to meet the needs of our society.

The official language of instruction is Arabic, but many courses are taught in English. The University follows a semester system, with two four-month semesters beginning in the autumn and spring and a shorter two-month semester in the summer.

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Birzeit University
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