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An-Najah National University - A Palestinian non-governmental public university governed by a board of Trustees. Located in Nablus, in the northern West Bank.
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An-Najah National University

An-Najah National University is a Palestinian non-governmental public university governed by a board of Trustees. It is located in Nablus, in the northern West Bank. The university has over 16,500 students and 300 professors in 19 faculties. It is the largest and most prestigious Palestinian university.

An-Najah National University is a fully independent, non-governmental university, run by the Board of Trustees and the University President. The structure of the administration is composed of the University President, Assistant and Vice Presidents, University and Deans Council, Administrative Departments, and the University Comptroller. The academic structure divides Faculties into acdemic departements.

An-Najah seeks to provide as many opportunities as possible to its students, through providing each Faculty and Department with a computer lab for student use. This has created a ratio of three students to each computer. Physically challenged and visually impaired students are welcomed at An-Najah. A special computer lab designed for the visually impaired converts all Microsoft Office files to Braille to allow students to share lectures, submit assignments either by email or through the Braille printers available. The University also allocates special cars to transport physically and visually impaired students between campuses.

An-Najah University hosts more than 20 scientific centers that offer a wide range of services to the local society. Among those are two centers that are directly connected with the local society and seek to provide high services to the people in various parts of the country. The first one is the Community Service Center which is involved in numerous projects to help the people of Nablus and the Northern West Bank. The Community Service Center also collects blood samples from the community for transfusions and also provide hot meals to the eldery and needy families in Nablus. The Housing Program in the CSC in 2008 partnered with the YMCA, the UN, and the community of Nablus to help a young girl in need. Lara lived with her family on the 3rd floor of their apartment building, which did not have a lift. She is physically challenged and this required one of her family members to carry her and her wheelchair up and down the stairs to be able to attend school. The solution the Housing Program hit upon was to build a ramp and a bridge that would run from the flat out to the hillside road next to the building. The success of this project has allowed Lara to wheel herself down the ramp directly onto the road without the assistance of her family.

In addition to the Community Service Center there is the Energy Research Center (ERC) which undertakes research in the field of energy and has accomplished a number of projects in many Palestinian cities and villages as in Attouf Village which the Center provided with electricty through harnessing solar power for the first time.

To connect to the community, An-Najah has its own radio station, and a soon to be completed satellite television station. Both these programs provide practical training for An-Najah's students as well as provide an avenue to connect to the community of Nablus and soon the international community through the satellite station. To reach more students, videoconferences and e-learning lectures are both organized at An-Najah. The e-learning lectures are available for free on the school's website. Videoconferences have been organized between other academic, non-profit, and private institutions to communicate the academic and political situation to outside parties.

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Added: May 2011
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