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Al-Azhar University-Gaza: A Palestinian university established in 1992 in Gaza City. The university is famous for its Pharmacy program.
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Al-Azhar University - Gaza

Al-Azhar University - Gaza, is a Palestinian university established in 1992 in Gaza City. The university is famous for its Pharmacy program, which is considered a very prestigious program.

President Arafat’s decision in 1991 to establish Al-Azhar University-Gaza has materialized the overwhelming dream of the Palestinian academic cadres in creating a Palestinian national university, that can fulfill the ambitions and achieve the dreams of the Palestinian upcoming generations, and help them pursue their higher studies under the supervision of highly qualified Palestinian cadres. Having been given limited access to Arab and international universities.

Thousands of Palestinian students have joined Al-Azhar University-Gaza pursuing studies in different academic fields, and acquiring Palestinian values to help them take part in the construction of their own state. In nineteen years of its life, the University has twelve faculties. Besides, the university comprises educational centers, which can meet the needs of the Palestinian community, and help its youth majoring in diverse and fruitful fields of post-graduate knowledge.

Moreover, the University has established postgraduate study programs towards a Master Degree in Pharmacy, Arts, Mediterranean Studies, Law, Education, Agriculture, Water Sciences and Environment, Statistics, Accounting, Business Administration, Economic, Political Sciences, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.

It will be historically acknowledged that Al-Azhar University-Gaza has positively participated in educating successive Palestinian generations whose main pillars are: planning, hard work, and objectivity, and in helping hundreds of graduates to represent and develop the Palestinian local community.

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Added: May 2011
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