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Jaffa - In 1945, Jaffa city covered an area of 9,737 dunums, which didn't include the roads, wadies, and railroads.
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Jaffa (Yaffa) City

In 1945, Jaffa city covered an area of 9,737 dunums, which didn't include the roads, wadies, and railroads, ... etc.

The city of Jaffa (Yaffa) in 1948 had a population of 71,000 Palestinians. By November l948, all but 3,651 were force fully evicted from their homes. The city was then taken over by Jewish immigrants, and renamed Yafo.

Yaffa City After Occupation

Soon after occupation, the Zionists blew up and bulldozed most of Jaffa's (75%) Arab section, and only the al-'Ajami, Old City, and small part of al-Mansheyyah survived demolition.

Mostly (if not all) Jaffa's Suqs were obliterated including Suq al-Nahaseen, Suq al-Balabseh, Suq al-Maslakh, ..etc. In 1954, Jaffa became the suburb of Tel Aviv, and since then both cities are known by Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Yaffa City Now

Currently, Jaffa's Old City neighborhood is being renovated, and mostly it is being inhabited by artists.

Jaffa's main port has been closed and all its shipping has been diverted either to Tel Aviv or Isdud ports. Jaffa's main Clock Square now called Kikea Hagana (The Haganah's Square) and Jaffa's main street Bistress-Iskandar 'Awad is now known by Rehev Mifrats Shelomo.

Jamal Basha street name has been changed to Jerusalem street, and big portion of al-Manshiyyah neighborhood became a public park. It also should be note that currently Jaffa's Arab population numbers around 10,000 people.

Source: Palestine 1948
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