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Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS)

Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics  (PCBS)
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Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS)

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics aims to develop and enhance the Palestinian official statistical system based on legal grounds that organize the process of data collection and utilization for statistical purposes.

Functions of PCBS

  • To establish a comprehensive and unified statistical system to serve Palestinian authorities as an instrument of guidance for diagnosing problems and evaluating progress made.
  • To provide truthful and impartial official statistics on demographic, social, economic and environmental states and trends to serve the Palestinian citizenry.
  • To enlighten the public with information provided through the mass media, and cooperate with university and other research organizations.
  • To serve the instrumental needs of businesses and their organizations for statistical information on states and trends.
  • To conduct a population and housing census and agriculture census every ten years or less in accordance with the rules of a special census act issued by the President of the Palestinian National Authority, and to conduct an Establishment census every five years or less.
  • To participate in the international cooperation and exchange of official statistics in accordance with international standards which guarantee Palestinian membership in international organizations.
  • To compile essential statistics published on Palestine and the Palestinians by any country or international organization and analyze such statistics.
    To establish statistical training centers in order to prepare qualified personnel to carry out the statistical activities conducted by governmental or non-governmental departments or agencies.
  • To create and maintain a library of Palestinian and international statistics and an archive of Palestinian censuses and surveys covering the areas listed.
  • To participate effectively in building the different administrative records and central registers to meet the administrative and statistical needs of the Palestinian society.
  • To publish statistical yearbook annually.
  • To update Voting Register based on the Population Register regularly and every three months, and to provide voter listings when needed.


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Added: Jul 2009
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Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS)