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Al Buraq Wall
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Al Buraq Wall - Constitutes the southern part of the wall of Al Haram Ash Sharif, which is about 50 meters long and 20 meters high.
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Al Buraq Wall

It constitutes the southern part of the wall of Al Haram Ash Sharif, which is about 50 meters long and 20 meters high. It is considered as one of the islamic properties because it is part of the Haram Ash Sharif. It has a close relationship to the ’Isra’ journey of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, from the Kaaba to the Aqsaa Mosque. The journey took him to that holy place, and later on it was named Al Buraq Wall.

The length of some of its stones reaches 5 meters. The sidewalk, which is in front of Al Buraq Wall and upon which the Jews stand when they visit the wall reaches 3.35 meters. The wall is one of the endowments of Abu Madin Al Ghaout. Along with surrounding monuments, it was built during the reign of Sultan Salah Din Al Ayyubi for the benefit of some Maghrebi Muslims.

The property of Al Buraq Wall has been confirmed by the report of an international organisation which was founded during the British mandate over Palestine. This organisation first submitted its report in 1930 A.D. It was published again on February 23, 1968, after the occupation of Al Qods by Israel. In spite of the fact that the Jews do not have any legal right over this wall, the leniency of the Muslims allowed the Jews to visit such wall and cry behind it. This is why it has been called the Wailing Wall by the Jews, when its real name is Al Buraq Wall.

The Jews claim that this wall is what is left over of the temple, ignoring the fact that the first temple that was built by Prophet Suleiman PUH in 1005 B.C. was destroyed by Nabukhad Nasr during the Chaldean period in 587 B.C. They are also ignoring the fact that the second temple which was built by Herod in the year 18 B.C. was destroyed by Titus the Roman in 70 A.D. According to the Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, these monuments were completely destroyed by Adrian the Roman in 135 A.D., who had destroyed the whole of Al Qods, and made of it a roman colony where the Jews had no right to live.

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Added: June 2006
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Al Buraq Wall