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Rafiq Natsheh
Hebron, Palestine
(1934-    )
Rafiq Natsheh - PhD from Moscow University; first PLO representative to Saudi Arabia; PA Minister of Labor from 1998-2002; Minister of Agriculture June 2002.
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Rafiq Natsheh

Born in Hebron in 1934; holds an MA in Political Science from Cairo University and a PhD from Moscow University;

Worked as Director of the Office of the Qatari Education Ministry from 1956-70; was elected to the Fateh Central Committee in May 1980;

Served as the first PLO representative to Saudi Arabia; was elected PLC member (Fateh) for the Hebron district in the Jan. 1996 elections; was appointed PA Minister of Labor from 1998-2002; then was appointed Minister of Agriculture in June 2002 and reappointed to the post in the cabinet of PM Mahmoud Abbas on 30 April 2003; was elected PLC Speaker in Nov. 2003 to replace Ahmad Qrei’a (who became PM);

Remained in the post until March 2004, when Rawhi Fattouh was elected new speaker; ran unsuccessfully in the 2006 PLC elections (Fateh, Hebron district); has authored several books on Palestinian history, incl. Israel: A Settlement Project, Islamic Jerusalem, Sultan Abdel-Hamid the Second and Palestine, and Islam and Palestine.

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Rafiq Natsheh