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Bilal al Hassan
Haifa, Palestine
(1944-    )
Bilal al Hassan - Born in Haifa in 1944; bother of Hani Al-Hassan; member of the PLO, works in France as an analyst and journalist, among others for Al-Hayat.
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Bilal al Hassan

Born in Haifa in 1944; bother of Hani Al-Hassan; joined the ANM in Damascus and soon became a leader of the local branch after the 1961 break-up of the UAR;

Joined the first command structure of the Palestine Action Committee, which the ANM established in Sept. 1964; also worked on the editorial board of Al-Hurriyya from 1965, calling for independent Palestinian action and attacks on Israel; became member of the politburo of the Popular Democratic Front for the Liberation of Pal­es­tine (PDFLP – later DFLP) after split­ting from the PFLP in early 1969 and served as its first representative to the PLO Exec. Council in Sept. 1969;

Was member of the PLO team that negotiated with a Lebanese delegation in Egypt the ‘Cairo Agreement’ in Nov. 1969, regulating mutual relations, incl. armed fedayeen presence in Lebanon; left the PDF and PLO Exec. Committee in 1971;

Worked as an editor of Shu’un Filastiniyya and Al-Safir in Lebanon; created the PLO mouthpiece Al-Yom Al-Sabe’ in March 1984 in France; Founding Committee member of the Right of Return Congress of the Palestine Right to Return Coalition (Al-Awda); serves as member of the Board of Directors of the Palestine Land Society; lives in France and works as an analyst and journalist, among others for the London-based Al-Hayat.

Source: Passia Org.
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Added: May 2006
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Bilal al Hassan