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Izzat Abdul Hadi
Nablus, Palestine
Izzat Abdul Hadi - Board of Trustees member of Al-Haq (1995-98 and since 2000); was appointed to become the Palestinian representative to Australia in Oct 2005.
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Izzat Abdul Hadi

Born in Nablus on 15 Dec. 1957; studied at the Qadri Tuqan Boys School in Nablus; earned a BA in Political and Administrative Sciences (1982) and an MA in Political Science (1983) from the Lebanese State University;

Editor of Palestine Daily's section for the Palestine Research Center in Beirut from 1981-83; worked as a researcher and marketing manager at the Center for Production Development in Ramallah (MATTIN) from 1983-87;

Founder and manager of the United Clothing Company from 1988-89; founder of the Bisan Center for Research and Development in Ramallah in 1989 and its Director since; conducted a number of training, assessment and evaluation programs for different local and international organizations since 1992; member of the PNGO (since 1993), the Arab NGO Network for Development in Beirut (since 1995), and the National Team for Poverty Alleviation in Palestine, led by MOPIC (since 1999); Steering Committee member of the Palestinian Council for Peace and Justice (since 1996) and the Women Court in Lebanon (since 1997);

From 1993-97 enrolled at the Development Studies Dept. of the University of East Anglia, UK in 1997 to study towards a PhD but did not graduate);

Board of Trustees and Directors member of the Center for Women's Economic Project (Asalah) since 1997; Board of Trustees member of Al-Haq (1995-98 and since 2000); member of the International Council of the World Social Forum;

Was appointed to become the Palestinian representative to Australia in Oct. 2005;

Has published numerous articles and studies, incl. Volunteers and Voluntarism in Palestine (Cairo, 1999).

Source: Passia Org.
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Added: Oct 2008
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Izzat Abdul Hadi