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Abed Abdi
Haifa, Palestine
 (1942- )
Abed Abdi - Palestinian Artist, Born in Haifa in 1942, founding member of the Ibdaa’ Society for the Promotion of Visual Arts among Arabs inside the Green Line.
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Abed Abdi

Born in Haifa in 1942; paints since his childhood; held his first exhibit in Tel Aviv in 1962; studied graphics and mural painting at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts in Germany, graduating in 1971; received the 2nd Prize at the University and spent another year, specializing in murals and environmental sculpture;

Returned to Haifa in 1972, where he worked as a graphic designer, painter, sculptor and teacher of arts; received the Young Artist's Award at the Berlin International youth festival in 1972; was awarded the 'Herman Struck Best Artist of the Year' Prize in Haifa in 1972 and 1999; prepared murals and monuments, incl. a sculpture commemorating the 1976 Land Day massacre (jointly with Israeli artist Gershon Knispel) and a memorial sculpture celebrating 75 years of Shafa Amr Municipality in 1984; teaches Fine Arts at the Arab Education College of Israel since 1985;

Participated in joint Palestinian-Israeli exhibits in Germany in 1988-90 and 1995-96; is a founding member of the Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center in Ramallah; exhibited his works for "solidarity with the Palestinian people" activities in different parts of the world; founding member of the Ibdaa' Society for the Promotion of Visual Arts among Arabs inside the Green Line; member of the London-based Artists Without Frontiers; organizes exhibits for young artists.

Source: Passia Org.
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Added: Oct 2008
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Abed Abdi