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Title: In Search of Peace, Author: Yousef Khanfar, Category: Books, Hardcover: 137 pages, Publisher: Art Blanc.
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In Search of Peace Book

In Search of Peace (Hardcover)
by Yousef Khanfar (Author), Max Angus (Foreword)

Product Details

Hardcover: 137 pages
Publisher: Art Blanc; 1st edition (September 1, 2006)
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 11.1 x 0.7 inches

Editorial Reviews


A compendium of museum-quality photography, Palestinian photographer and writer Yousef Khanfar's "In Search Of Peace" features a poetically articulate, emotionally passionate, and philosophically inspiring essay on the need for a universal healing for humanity's ills. The photographic images are organized into principle segments devoted images of awe-inspiring power and conflict inherent in natural phenomena and which reflect on the harshness of human conflict; impressionist images conveying human aspirations for freedom of expression, religion, speech, truth, peace, and love; and images that reflect peace, tranquility, and properties of the spirit that can establish a paradise of peace for the whole of the human race. "In Search Of Peace" is a unique compendium of images and a highly recommended addition to personal, academic, and community library Photography collection. --Midwest Book Review

Freedom, truth, justice, peace and love. Mankind should have access to any one of them. With the divine honesty of words, eyes and soul, Yousef Khanfar's compelling work urges us to reach out and embrace all five. With a camera and a pen as weapons, he roams the corridors of hatred, evil and injustice in an attempt to destroy them. In Search of Peace is surely a fitting title. It is also Yousef's Symphony, one that will forever play hard and deep inside the roots of universal evil. --Gordon Parks

I often wake up in the middle of the night when everything is dark and silent. I turn on an overhead spotlight that casts a small pool of light on the images of my favorite art books. As I slowly turn the pages, if the work is true, I am transported into the emotional field of the artist. I use these midnight sojourns to travel the emotional spectrum. When I want to immerse myself in pure tranquility and view the eloquent images of a Master, I pick up the work of Yousef Khanfar. --Phil Borges

In Search of Peace Book Description

Yousef Khanfar is a Palestinian photographer, writer, and thinker, who is always in search of peace, truth, and the meaning of life. He is one of the original minds of our time, yet sometimes far removed from it. His fidelity to art, peace, and humanity is reflected in his photography and writing. He occupies a unique place amid the pantheon of the world s greatest photographers. Yousef is a cultural leader whose love for his lost native land led him to create a wholly original vision in his art. This book, In Search of Peace, is an evocative and imaginative world of symbolism. It is a message of peace that transcends borders and emanates light to mankind. It is designed as a visual symphony divided into three movements of his breath-taking images and poetic writing. The first movement, "Sublime", shows images with the awe-inspiring power and conflict inherent in natural phenomena, which is a reflection of the harsh human conflict, where we continue to wage wars against each other and fight fire with fire. The second movement, "Freedom", exhibits his exquisitely crafted impressionist images that convey the human rights for freedom of self-expression, religion, speech and the search for the truth, peace, and love. The third movement, "Divine", displays images that reflect peace, tranquility, and spirit. This is where the promised paradise will be found, if we stand up together as one body of humanity for peace. Yousef also contributes a timeless, poetic, and passionate essay as his universal healing message for humanity. He motivates the reader to be Noble and a Giant. His thoughts are lucid and penetrating. This museum-quality artwork, full of beauty and inspiration, is designed to live with and return to when desired.

About In Search of Peace Book Author

Yousef Khanfar is an award winning Palestinian photographer and writer who capture images that transcend the dark corridors of our world and take us to a place of splendor, where we can find humanity. Yousef was born and raised in Kuwait, where he was exposed to images of war and violence. He needed a voice to express his inner turbulence, and photography gave him that voice. As he has said, I have chosen to carry my camera instead of a gun and promote peace around the world; I believe peace is a finer horse to ride than violence. At eighteen, he left for the United States, where he continues to reside and where he has found sceneries of immense variety. He distilled the beauty he saw around him with his camera, and as Ken Whitmire, President of the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum said, "Out of the Arabian Peninsula, came a lone and landless photographer who has listened to and chased the light like an animal and a predator for twenty years. He has created a breath-taking and dazzling body of work." In 2000, Yousef published his first book, "Voices of Light", a collection of his poetic musings and fine art landscape photographs taken throughout the world. The images in this book embody the touchable and untouchable, secretive and evident mysteries of nature. Yousef s photographs are at times dreamy, at times suggestive, and other times, spiritual, a journey that takes us to the intimate corners of the Gods. In 2006, he published his second book, "In Search of Peace", an original body of work designed as a Visual Symphony of three movements, entitled Sublime, Freedom and Divine. In this book, Yousef aims to provoke us and lead us into dialogue and awareness of humanity and ourselves. Whether the photograph projects the conflict between earth and sky, the movements and arguments of mood, or the wreckages of souls, one always hears his symphony. In 2003, he was listed as one of the World s Top Photographers by RotoVision in Lond

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