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Abdallah Tayeh
Jabalia Camp, North Gaza / Bayt Daras, Palestine
Abdallah Tayeh - Palestinian writer, Refuge from BET DARAS live in Palestine, Gaza, Jabalia Camp.
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Abdallah Tayeh

Palestinian writer

  • Refuge from BET DARAS live in Palestine- Gaza- Jabalia camp
  • Vice president of the Palestinian writers union1995-2003
  • Deputy president of Palestinian writers union since 2003
  • vice president of Afro-Asian writers organization in Palestine
  • A founder member of Palestinian writers union .
  • A member of several cultural and information bodies .
  • Arab and Palestinian Journalism is publishing his cultural and political article.
  • Editorial staff member of El Zawia , a literary magazine .
  • Editorial staff member of Dafater Thagafia , a literary magazine

Cultural & Medial Conferences

  • Arab culture N.G.Os conference – Morocco 1996
  • Radio & T.V Festival – Cairo 1997
  • Information Ministers Conference – Dakar1997
  • International Book Fair – Cairo 1996-1999
  • Vietnam 2000 Conference – Hanoi 2000
  • Seminar of Palestinian future culture Cairo 2003
  • The continuous office of Arab writers union Cairo 2003
  • General convention of Arab writers union (Algiers 2003)
  • Arab Writers and Authors Union –Damascus 2004

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Abdallah Tayeh