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Imad Falouji
Jabalia Camp, North Gaza / ---, Palestine
 (1962-    )
Imad Falouji - Was appointed as PA Minister for Post and Telecommunications from 9 May 1996 until Oct 2002.
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Imad Falouji

Born in Jabalia Refugee Camp on 27 July 1962; received a BA and an MA in Civil Engineering from the USSR, graduating in 1987; was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood; joined Hamas after its foundation in 1988; was imprisoned by the Israeli authorities for six years; published a novel in 1992 entitled Novels from the Darkness; edited the newspaper Al-Watan; participated in the Middle East Economic Forum held in Amman in 1995, join the ranks of the PA; was involved in Palestinian national dialogue in Cairo in May 1994; was elected PLC member for the Jabalia constituency in the Jan. 1996 elections (ran as an independent); was appointed as PA Minister for Post and Telecommunications from 9 May 1996 until Oct. 2002; voted against the Jan. 1997 Hebron Agreement; ran unsuccessfully in the 2006 PLC elections (Fateh, Jabalia district).

Source: Passia Org.
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Added: Oct 2008
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Imad Falouji