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Zaki Al Aila
Jabalia Camp, North Gaza / Yibna/Ramla, Palestine
 (1950-    )
Zaki Al Aila - Palestinian writer and novelist, M.A. In literature and criticism at Ain Shams University, Egypt 2001.
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Zaki Al Aila

Palestinian writer & novelist

Education & Qualifications

• M.A. In literature and criticism at "Ain Shams University"- Egypt 2001.

Cultural activities

  • A founder member of the "Palestinian writers' union" since 1976 , and a member of its administrative board.
  • In charge of the activities of the "Palestinian writers' union" from 1995 to 1999.
  • In charge of printing and publishing in the Palestinian writers' union since 1999.
  • Managing editor of " Al kalema", the magazine of the Palestinian writers' union , Ramallah, since 1999.
  • A member of board of trustees of( Arab thought forum) " Almoltaka"- Jerusalem, since 1984.
  • A member of the " folklore higher council " – Ramallah , since 1994.
  • A university lecturer.
    Many of the writer's short stories were translated into English, French, Spanish, and Russian .
  • The following stories are being taught at Palestinian universities: " Walls of blood ", "They're all my sons", " Almond doesn't laten" and " The tale of the red wind".
  • Participation in various cultural conferences and meetings such as:
    • The Palestinian literature conference (Les Belles Etrangere), France & Belgium, May 1997.
    • The Palestinian short story conference, Dunkerque- France May,2000.
    • The traditional and folkish conference – Egypt Jan. 2001.
  •  Publishing a lot of studies and articles in Palestinian and Arabic newspapers and magazines since 1975.
  • Held many lectures in different associations and cultural concourses.
  • Attained the short story award from Bethlehem university,1977.
  • Attained the first award from the Palestinian writers' union in 1989.

Published for the writer

  • "Thirst"- short stories collection /by Dar Elkateb - Jeusalem1978.
  • " The mountain doesn't come"- short stories collection /by Dar Elkateb - Jerusalem 1980.
  • "Heritage of the Palestinian sea" – study / by Dar Alrwad - Jerusalem 1982.
  • "Walls of blood" - short stories collection /by The Palestinian writers' union -Jerusalem 1989.
  • " Time of absence " – a story /by The Palestinian writers' union -Jerusalem 1998.
  • " Deep gray sea "- short stories collections / byThe Palestinian writers' union -Jerusalem 2000.
  • " Women in the Palestinian novels "- study/ by the Ogarit center - Ramallah - 2003

In the press

  • " Dunkerque.. Memory of place"- impressions.
  • " Letters to the light " - texts / by The house of poetry- Ramallah .

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Added: May 2006
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Zaki Al Aila