Hi, my name is Juliana, I’m 22 years old and live in Brazil.

I am a Christian, and I live in a city where there is peace. You do not hear noises after 22 pm, and every corner we have a different church and a different religion.
Before God, or Allah (if they prefer to call it) we are all equal … I have tried at least believe that every day …
A few months ago I would never know what was really happening in Gaza, after all, what would change in my life? I confess, I never cared, never wanted to know … for me it was just some people in a fight whatsoever.
Until I got to know some Muslims who live in Brazil, and the world … and saw that they all asked the same thing: FREEDOM PALESTINE! FREE PALESTINE! And I know the look that spoke …
Still have not found words, yet I added my sorrows, my anxieties, my fears … my regrets and my prayers are still silent before God.
I do not know if their feet begging for mercy, for freedom, for peace, for victory … in my mind comes only every child who saw life in pictures, and I wonder: where are the others?
When I was little, I was so nervous and so scared silly with a discussion in the house, I could not imagine what it would be threatened every day, see my brothers die … I do not know.
Gaza is being washed with innocent blood, and tears of pain.
Israel is killing children who are the flowers of our garden … are making mothers cry of pain at seeing their dead babies, parents feel weak and powerless so much cruelty and strength.
Strength of tanks that kill and destroy, destroy more lives than destroy dreams, stories, smiles … killing small defenseless. But never, ever kill Palestine, Gaza lives, amid blood and pain, but always’ll be alive in the hearts of all mothers in the world.
Let each drop of blood is justified! Amen
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