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Palestine Refugee Camps in the West Bank
West Bank Refugee Camps
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West Bank Refugee Camps
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West Bank Refugee Camps:

A comprehensive list of the Palestinian Refugee Camps in West Bank, find here important information about the Palestinian Refugee Camps in West Bank.

Askar Camp

Askar Camp, both Old and New Askar, has approximately 15,000 inhabitants. Like any refugee camp, Askar endures many hardships: substand living conditions, poverty, unemployment and inadequate education.

Balata Camp

Balata Refugee Camp is located near Nablus, in the Northern part of the West Bank. The camp is 2.5 kilometers square. This camp was established in 1950, and is populated by refugees from 65 towns and villages from Yaffa area, including the cities of Al Led and Al Ramleh. In addition, the camp houses Bedouine tribes from the areas of Al Hashasheen, Swalmeh, Ka'abneh and Jammaseen


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West Bank Refugee Camps
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