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Tulkarm Governorate

The Tulkarm Governorate is an administrative district and one of 16 Governorates of the Palestinian National Authority located in the northwestern West Bank. The governorate's land area is 268 square kilometers.

According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, the governorate had a population of 172,800 inhabitants. The muhfaza or district capital is the city of Tulkarm.

Tulkarm Governorate Localities

The Tulkarm Governorate has 51 localities and two refugee camps. The towns and cities mentioned below have populations of over 1,000.


  • Anabta
  • Attil
  • Bal'a
  • Baqa ash-Sharqiyya
  • Beit Lid
  • Deir al-Ghusun
  • Qaffin
  • Tulkarm


  • Beit Amin
  • Dhinnaba
  • Far'un
  • Iktaba
  • 'Illar
  • Izbat Shufa
  • Al-Jarushiya
  • Kafr Abbush
  • Kafr Jammal
  • Kafr al-Labad
  • Kafr Rumman
  • Kafr Sur
  • Kafr Thulth
  • Kafr Zibad
  • Khureish
  • Kur
  • an-Nazla al-Gharbiya
  • an-Nazla ash-Sharqiya
  • an-Nazla al-Wusta
  • Nazlat Abu Nar
  • Nazlat 'Isa
  • Nur Shams
  • Raml Zeita
  • Ramin
  • Ras Atiya
  • Al-Ras
  • Saffarin
  • Seida
  • Shufta
  • Sir
  • Zeita
  • Shwiaka

Refugee camps

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Added: May 2011
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Tulkarm Governorate
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