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Handala: The laws of nature do not apply to him. He is unique. Things will become normal again when the homeland returns.
1987: The Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza is the scene of where the Intifida, or Palestinian uprising, began.
Israeli Occupation of the Palestinian Territory
Jabalia camp is the most populated of the 59 Palestinian camps in the Middle East.
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انتزعنا من الوطن ... فزرعنا الوطن فينا
We were Torn from our Homeland ... However, we Planted our Homeland in us.
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About us: aiming to make informational resources about the Palestinian issue more widely available and presenting the Palestinian viewpoint on the Web to help the international public better understand the realities of the Palestinian situation. provides a comprehensive source of information about Gaza Strip and Palestine. At each profile's homepage, you will find pictures, a brief history and detailed information. was founded to increase refugees' awareness of their rights to return to their homes, lands and businesses based on United Nations General Assembly resolution 194. Based on this resolution, every single refugee has the right to go back to his or her home, and to be compensated for any loss of their properties, pain, and suffering. is a personal and self-funded website, and not representing any Official Palestinian Authority/Party.

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